The Path to Your Happiness: The Four Noble Truths and The eightfold Path
21 October 2016
True love without attachment, is it possible?
4 December 2016
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From Lima, Peru, Laura Donker, the Trendy Buddhist, talks about what the emotions anger and hate are and how to deal with anger and hate. Hate is like drinking a bowl of poisson yourself and expect the other to die. She explains how we can deal with anger so it can work for us instead of against us. Enjoy this talk!


Mijn naam is Laura Donker. Mijn essentie en missie is om te inspireren en te verbinden. Na mijn opleidingen Voeding en Dietetiek en Psychologie ben ik me verder gaan ontwikkelen richting het Boeddhisme en heb ik tevens een Yoga opleiding afgerond.

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