The sun is in your own heart.
“If you change the way you look at things, things you look at will change.”


My name is Laura Donker

My mission is to inspire and connect.

After completing my education ‘Nutrition and Dietetics and Psychology’ I completed a Yoga teacher-training course as well as a general coaching course.  For the last twenty years I have continued to develop my path as a Buddhist which brings me a lot of stable happiness. For me Buddhism is a journey inwards to discover in essence who I am and it has also given me answers to many questions in life. The Buddhist lifestyle brings me back to the core of who I am.


I am now more in touch with myself as a person and I feel better equipped to share this knowledge with the people around me. I know how my behavior can affect life and I can influence this in a positive way.

Everyone has an ability able to achieve true, meaningful and lasting happiness, we just forget how to exploit this ability sometimes.

I am able to perceive how people really are inside; hearing words that are not actually said and emotions that are not physically shown and I can offer a safe, inspiring and stimulating way to teach individuals and groups to reach their inner-self.

I am described as; warm, enthusiastic, intelligent, highly sensitive, direct, down-to-earth, sporty, direct and to-the-point and loving.

Several years ago my first book ‘Happiness, a journey full of special meetings.’ was published.  Many readers were able to experience the journey in the book and therefore this brought them closer to their happiness.

I have over fifteen years’ experience of helping large international companies such as hospitals and health care facilities with various programs and training courses in order to help their employees.

And now I am pleased to be able to offer you my new online program: ‘The Trendy Buddhist!’

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