Trendy Boeddhist

The online program will help you understand and introduce Buddhism into your own life

Buddhism, in combination with psychology and dietetics & nutrition in a down-to-earth manner presented. In a world full of distracting aspirations and ideals it is easy to lose sight of your true self. This is a shame as to be able to conect with others you need to be able to conect with yourself first.

“This has changed my life forever!” Barbara, 38 years old.


With my online program ‘The Trendy Buddhist’ you will find true happiness, achieve balance in your life and learn to make real connections with others and with yourself.


The 3-month course starts with an introduction to Buddhism (half month) and then advances towards two further components and these are both optional and inclusiveIn de Trendy Boeddhist ga jij echt geluk ontdekken, echte connecties leren maken.

Start your new life now!

It’s not just a program, it’s a start of a new way of being.

I wish I had known this earlier, I am in control of my life now, Sylvia 40 years.

Really, you make this world a little bit brighter!



Option 1 ‘Weight Management’ (2.5 months duration)

The ‘Weight Management’ component has been specifically formulated to assist those who have previously struggled with these difficult issues and now, for a change, this WILL work!

For example, in Buddhism there are 5 types of food of which actual, physical foodstuffs is one type and the others are managed according to Buddhist techniques. Hence, this gives you a different approach to weight balance than with conventional methods and I have achieved a lot of succesful results with this method. I would love to share this opportunity with you.


Option 2 ‘Relationship management’ (2.5 months duration)

If you are currently in a loving relationship but you would like to explore the possibilities of deepening and enhancing your relationship, then this is the program for you!

This will include enlightening you about Buddhist techniques that will help you to both see each other with greater understanding and clarity.

Many people are in a relationship but have either lost or have never felt a true connection with the other or with themselves, but there IS an answer and I would love to share it with you!


On receiving your log-in details, you will then be able to connect to your online academy where every week there will be available to you a module comprising of lessons, videos and practical exercises. Every second week, at conveniently set times for our worldwide participants there will be a live Webinar conducted by myself.

There will also be a private Facebook support group, where you can ask any questions you like and I can assist with your questions.



Online program

‘The Trendy Buddhist’ online program is for you if….

You want to develop personally, but you also want to keep both feet on the ground?

You are down to earth, but you still feel that there is more to offer in your life?

You are sensitive, and have a good intuition

You sometimes stand outside the group as an individual.

You are looking for a deep connection with others or with yourself, with your children, with your partner, with the world.

You sometimes feel lonely even if there is someone sitting next to you, and even also if you are moving in a large group.

You feel the need to get a grip on yourself.

You want to feel a deep connection from your heart.

You want to fully understand yourself and your surroundings.

You want to learn to live from your heart rather than from your head.

You want to choose love.

You want to shine and want other people to shine as well.

You want to know your true self as well as others around you.

You want know what makes you so unique, and share it with the world.

You want to know what is your true desire?


What I want for you;

To show you how beautiful you are and what deep happiness really is.

To show you how to make a real connection with yourself and with everyone and everything around you and help you shine.

That you experience who you really are and what you have to offer the world.

That you will experience a peace and stability with whatever experiences you have and then share with everyone around you.